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Significant Benefits of Using Synthetic Urine for Drug Tests

Failing a drug test can have severe implications on one’s job or career and may even result in a jail term if someone is proved to be using drugs. The war on drug abuse in the workplace is a continuing battle that must be fought.

Most employers have to subject potential employees to a drug test before hiring them. In other establishments, drug tests are done every year to ensure workplaces remain drug-free. Due to the severe consequences of failing a drug test, most employees find alternative ways of beating these tests, the most common way is using synthetic urine. In this article, we’ll look at several benefits of using synthetic urine for drug tests.

Synthetic Urine Appears Normal

lab equipmentArtificial urine has been made to resemble normal urine in color, smell, and ingredients. This limits the chances of been detected to have used fake urine. Differentiating fake for real urine may be challenging, especially if you’re using a trusted brand. Due to this fact, most individuals going for drug tests and are worried about the results have resulted in using fake urine. Thus the use of the best synthetic urine is the simplest way to beat drug tests for drug users. The manufacturers of artificial urine make sure the main parameters tested in the lab are catered for by the synthetic urine.

Warming Accessories

Normal urine is presented at ordinary body temperature. The same should apply to synthetic urine. To minimize the chances of detection, you should present the artificial urine at temperatures that are close to normal body temperature. This may not be possible unless the synthetic urine comes in warming accessories. Fortunately, most artificial urine products like monkey whizz kit come with a heating pad and instructions on how to use them. If you want the best results when using synthetic urine, it’s vital to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Passing Drug Tests

urine analysis labIf you use any prohibited drugs or you’re worried you may fail a drug test, using synthetic urine is the easier way to pass the drug test. These synthetic urine products have been pre-tested to make sure the user passes the drug test. Thus if you use trusted artificial urine, you’re confident you can’t fail the drug test. Using synthetic urine is the best way to ensure no drug traces will be discovered in your urine. If you’re a sportsperson or you’re required to take a drug test as part of your job interview, synthetic urine will come to your rescue.