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Benefits of Using Synthetic Urine

Synthetic urine refers to the urine that is manufactured artificially using water, organic, and inorganic components like sulfates, chlorides, phosphates, urea, and uric acid. The synthetic urine is made in such a way that it resembles the natural human urine in all fronts. The only difference between the two is that is absent of the waste products.

Synthetic urine can thus be used in areas where the real urine cannot be used or in situations where there is a threat of an infectious disease. The synthetic urine is also durable and can, therefore, be easily stored and transported to thousands of miles away. In this article, we look at some of the areas in which the synthetic urine is used.

Adult Games

When it comes to sexual intimacy, different people have different fantasies. Couples have various games that they do play to make their love sessions more interesting.

They use the synthetic urine for multiple sexual encounters. The synthetic urine is considered as a great alternative because it is not only hygienic but also healthy.

Equipment Calibration

lab equipmentThe synthetic urine is that it is used to calibrate the equipment that is used for urine testing. The real human urine is not used in the calibration of the apparatus for testing urine.

This is because; the composition of the human urine varies because of various factors. The synthetic urine is used in the calibration of the urine equipment because it has a constant formula.


The artificial urine is used in various tests in science. It is used for testing the new urine tests and the effect of specific organisms on our bloodstream.

In medical school, the students pursuing medicine are usually taught how to conduct the urinalysis tests using the fake urine. The other clinical tests that are typically done on the urine generally are done using the synthetic urine.

Passing a Drug Test

urine analysis labThe synthetic urine is favorite for this purpose. Many people who are drug users usually buy the synthetic urine so that they can get favorable results. It is difficult to distinguish the synthetic urine from the natural urine thus people undergoing such tests usually quickly substitute the two.

The teenage girls in high school who are pregnant also purchase the fake urine to record a negative pregnancy test as they look for alternatives on how they would handle the pregnancy. The use of the fake pee to pass the drug test has been on the increase therefore to make sure that you’ve your urine in the right temperature follow the steps found here https://www.swiftdetox.net/keep-synthetic-pee-warm/. Also visit www.swiftdetox.net to find out the most recommended fake piss that really works.