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Outplacement after Getting Fired

Outplacement services aim to assist former employees shift to new jobs and help them re-orient themselves in the job market. The reasons rendering individuals unemployed could be as a result of voluntary of involuntary factors that forced them out of their previous jobs, such as getting fired. An employer pays for the outplacement services of and through practical advice, workshops and training materials. Companies from time to time usually find reasons to ontslag geven arbeider. Employers looking for a new job after getting fired may receive the consultancy services as individuals or as a group, and the service may be for a few months or an extended period depending on one’s situation.


Getting fired

employee Getting fired is an unpleasant situation for anyone and involves various issues such as the emotional and legal aspects which can be draining. Outplacement consultation gives both the employer and employee an overview of the whole situation. It also comes with some benefits. To begin with, it serves as an archive for all relevant and valuable information. All your administration documents will be well organized and in the case of any problem you will have the legal documents to fall back on. Depending on the consultancy firm you choose to work with such as you will be guaranteed of utmost transparency regards to where you stand and he measures being taken.

Before termination

Before an employer terminates an individual’s employment, he or she should make sure that the top-level management approves of the decision and that it is within the firing policies. Employees fired under contrary may seek legal action. This is unless they committed an act that led to their termination. Nonetheless, the employer should still carefully plan an exit interview with the employee and human resources. In a situation where one is being fired as a result of closing the business, a notice is important to allow them to find placement elsewhere in right time.


career woman Normally, it is the former employees who initiate for outplacement services; however, some employers can also take over the task to help their ex-employees secure work elsewhere. This was especially when the reasons for termination of employment were unavoidable or no fault of the employee. All employees regardless of their age and period of service are qualified for outplacement services. The best outplacement services provide on-going support to employees as they understand that fired employees tend to get more desperate when more time passes by without them securing a job. With some consultancy firms, the ex-employees will also have the success rate of their re-employment evaluated over time.